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Internet Explorer Platform Preview Guide for Developers The Internet Explorer Platform Preview Guide provides an early look at the features and improvements coming to Internet Explorer 9. Web developers and designers can prepare to take advantage of these enhancements. Developers can also experience the platform in action using the Internet Explorer Platform Preview. FAST DOWNLOAD IE9
An Early Look At IE9 for Developers Performance Progress. Browser performance involves many different sub-systems within the browser. Different sites and different activities within the same site - place different loads and demands on the browser.
Web developer can utilize the power of PC hardware in the browser. The PC platform and ecosystem around Windows deliver tremendous hardware innovation. The browser should be a place where the benefits of that hardware innovation shine through for web developers. New IE will use the DirectX family of Windows APIs to enable many advances for web developers. The starting point is moving all graphics and text rendering from the CPU to the graphics card using Direct2D and Direct Write. Graphics hardware acceleration also means that rich, graphically-intensive sites can render faster with less CPU. Now, web developers can take full advantage of the hardware ecosystem’s advances in graphics while they continue to author sites with the same interoperable standards pattern.